Lenten Worship
The season of Lent is a forty day period (Sundays are not counted as part of Lent!) that precedes Easter.  It is a time to remember the saving death of Jesus and the reason for that sacrifice--the sin of the world and our own personal sin.  It is a time when Christians might engage in some special discipline such as additional times of worship or private devotion.  For some it is traditional to give up something as a remembrance of what Christ gave up for us--a desired food or activity, for instance, and to learn reliance on the strength of God as we do without what we desire.  It is a time to struggle against sin and seek to be more faithful disciples.

Services during lent are held on Wednesday evenings and our youth provides a meal beforehand.  The children have an Easter Presentation during Lent and they enjoy the chance to showcase their talents. 

The Vinton Area Ministerial Association also provides services during the Lenten Season (Easter week) and schedules are posted in the monthly newsletter and when available the Sunday bulletin the week prior.

Christmas Services
Candlelight Services of Holy Communion with Carols are at 5:30 and 10:30 PM.  Christmas Day services are held if on Sunday.  There is no fellowship after either of these services. 

Funeral and Wedding Services
Anyone wishing to use Bethlehem facilities for either a wedding or a funeral should contact the pastor or a council member.  Members may use the facilities depending on availability.  A fee may be charged for non-congregational members.

Other Services
Throughout the year, healing and prayer services are offered to anyone who may wish to attend or ask for another individual to recieve comfort and guidance.  These services will be announced in the weekly bulletin and when applicable in the monthly newsletter.
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