Sunday Worship

Throughout the year, Sunday Worship is at 9:00 AM, with Holy Communion on the first and third Sundays of the month, major festival days and every Sunday in the Easter season.

We enjoy fellowship after service and visitors are invited to join us to partake in good food and great conversation.  Food is provided by members and the sign up sheet is located in Augustana Hall.

Our ministry teams are responsible for making sure that everyone's worship service is enjoyable.
Greeters meet members and guests at the door and are available for any questions.
Ushers hand out the service bulletins and collect offerings.
Acolytes (mainly our youth) bring forth the Light of God in the sanctuary and assist the pastor during service as needed.
Lectors read the scriptures.
The Altar Guild is responsible for the many details of the service including the encoutrements of Holy Communion, i.e. preparing the wine and bread.
The tape ministry members records and delivers the service to members or associates who may be homebound and unable to attend service in person.
Counters are responsible for counting the offering and reporting to the treasurer.

Anyone who wishes to serve during worship but has questions about the duties, please see a greeter or usher or visit with pastor or the parish assistant.  Service schedules are posted in our monthly newsletter and worship bulletins.

The church is opened about an hour before services and stays open through fellowship.  Council members are responsible for locking up.

Flowers are donated by members and the sign up sheet is located in Augustana Hall next to the restrooms.

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